Level 4 – Platinum Membership Package


  • 1 Professional “JUMBO SIZE” Full Color Vinyl, 6’x4′ Promotional Banner to keep showcasing your Business
  • 5 VIP tickets
  • Formal Dinner & Cocktails
  • Marketing and advertising spots running on all big screens throughout all signature events
  • 2 Full Page AD Package including business spot light write up in Event Program
  • YouTube interview with film crew, to be featured in showcase wrap up interview
  • 1 free t-shirt and grab bag for all members of your party
  • 2 Champagne Grab Bags
  • Optional vendor table placement at all signature events
  • YouTube interview with onsite film crew and/or commercial, to be featured in showcase, showcase commercial for next year campaign and spot in social wrap up video recording
  • Logo branding and placement on event red carpet press box
  • Names added as member on the back of our signature Firefighters Wear Pink T-SHIRT for the next 2 years

Contact Person for Sponsorship:

Contact Person for Banner Design (i.e. graphic designer business administrator etc.)

Please note, banner information will be needed as soon as possible. Contact person should be available to discuss and approve design in a timely fashion. If the Contact Person can not be reached, banner will be printed without final approval.